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Present Year 2020

It has been eight (8) long years since I last wrote. In those period life has gone down wards south. I have been messing with lots of things in life and have not been praying to GOD or holding on to HIS wisdom. I was moving away from HIM (GOD) as I thought I would progress in my own strength. HE (GOD) taught me and moulded me through my mistakes.


I am sitting in my ward looking out of the window and wondering how all this happen to me. The leaves on the trees were green moving in the direction of the wind. Should I do the same?  I was hospitalized after a fall and my right leg was unable to move. Therefore I was put in NUH.

2013 to 2018 unemployed

I therefore went on to do freelance work for a couple of SMEs including gaining a company for a contract on a Turkish project. I also help in another project of writing HR courses. As I could not find a permanent job, I was told to take up security work.

Mom's health
As time went by working freelance, my mom’s health was deteriorating. She got sick often and had to be in hospitalize. At one point, she became bed ridden and I had to look after her and her needs. It was a hard time but it was my mom. My love for her was like a fire of my passion that cannot be extinguished in the rain.

One night I went in and out of her room not feeling good. I told her she must eat to get strong. And she sang to me “Don’t worry tomorrow I will be ok!!!” Just to make me go home. I went out but just stood at her door looking out to her in the glass window. Just seeing her watching TV. 

5th June 2018
In June 2018, my mother pass away. As she was passing away in her death bed I sang to her. It was a saddest day of my life and was depressed and started smoking. It was traumatic and I did not know what to do. In any case, as I did my security course and succeeded in getting a Security License. If it was called success after graduating with a BSc.

Security Guard
In any case the WSG, MSF and e2i people told me that since my age is old no one would employ me and therefore better to be a security. I was working one day and suddenly my right leg could not move. So I called my supervisor to ask him if I could go to the Emergency. He told me I could not and I would need to finish my work time. 


Extreme Pain
Therefore I waited till work time was over took a cab and headed to A&E. There the doctor came to examine me and told me that if I had come 24 hours later he would have to amputate the right leg but since I came now it can be saved but I might have to lose some of my toes.


I just told the doctor to do what is best and I was in the operation theatre. It was long process and I woke up the next day. I found my leg was there and my toes but I did not know where I was. So I called my aunt. There were some Indian family visiting a patient and I asked them to talk to my aunt since my Tamil was incredibly good (being sardonic). They were kind enough to explain to me that I was in NUH.

After which I was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital.In St Luke’s Hospital I was doing rehab and became stronger. The MSW personal help me to overcome my depression It was a hard time but everything came into place. With GOD’s help and his people.

I realized that I would not have been able to overcome many things and issues without GOD. After 6 month in ST Luke’s Hospital I was discharge and sent to a shelter. Those 6 months was the longest in my life as I was learning to walk again.

I was sent to a shelter because my mom rental flat’s lease had expired and HDB took it back and told me I cannot live there. Therefore, I had to apply for another flat. The MSW personal help me in finding a mate to apply for the HDB flat and it was approved.

I spoke to my brothers and we decided that I better get a BTO flat. So I will be applying for one in February 2019 and successfully did so.


All my troubles seem to be solved WITH THE HELP FROM GOD. I had lots of help from the people of St Luke’s and it’s MSW, my brothers like Ravichandran, Clifford, Manjeet, Andand, Chandra not forgetting Francis........

St Lukes MSW  was a great Counsellor and we became good friends. I could walk and I thought I have walked through the storm with the help from GOD and move forward. I prayed for my friends and St Luke’s people and for my loving mom. I loved her so much.


At the shelter, the very next day on the eve of Christmas I fell down and hurt my operated leg. My knee was busted and my feet was not able to move. And so I was admitted in the hospital again. I was then sent to a Community Hospital. 

I am sitting near my bed typing this story and doing my rehab to get back in shape and to be able to walk again. Just had the doctor telling that my nerves may be affected and need to do a test before I get transferred to a Community Hospital. The bad decisions by the Community hospital made me lose my toe. Having said that I am still very optimistic because I have GOD by my side this time. I am not a saint but I am much better person today.

I am hoping with GODs help, I could defy AGEISM and RACISM to get a job that suits my skills rather than to do security work. I hope and pray to get a better well paid job. The mind is positive. I believe that GOD will give me that opportunity and hold a door open. I was ask to join TOMOWORKS by Cyndi while in hospital after my toe amputation. I did not want to lose this opportunity and race to get back into fitness. I did it. Cindi helped a whole lot in getting me in TOMOWORKS Project. She did not know I just had an amputation a few weeks ago and I did not tell her or anyone. I did go for a meeting with my bottle inserted at my leg but manage to get in and out of the meeting with the help of my brother Francis and the rest of my brothers too. Having said that, GOD had a hand in everything. 


In SGENABLE I have had a great career coach Patricia who never gave up on me getting a job. She worked hard on my interviews and on my resume and on the day of interviews. We kept on going. She had a heart of a lion and she somewhat rub that fearless heart with me. I just let GOD do HIS work



I am now working in CyanSyS and having great leaders here. Some how along the way I met some great individual. GOD works in many different ways. I met my bosses Pei Juan (GM) and Feng Ying (Accountant) who were awesome people to give PWDs a chance to work.  IT has been a great learning curve at fifty-five (55) I am still learning in life and GOD keeps me moving. 



My purpose
At present I also have volunteered in teaching English with my church for kids. I am hoping in my handicap I can help others and the young build their dreams. I have failed many a times. Got back up. Stood and fight. Got punched. Fell. Stood up fight again. Its like in the Rocky movie. Life is like in a boxing ring. The harder you get hit and fall. The stronger you get up and fight back. Yes it hurts really bad. Failure sucks. Will soon write a book....
But hey .........NEVER EVER GIVE UP!
Jesus Rocks!!!

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