Present Day


I am sitting in my ward looking out of the window and wondering how all this happen to me.The leaves on the trees were green moving in the direction of the wind. Should I do the same?  I was hospitalized after a fall and my right leg was unable to move. Therefore I was put in NUH.

Before  about a year ago, in 2017, I worked in a elderly care hospital as a Operation Manager. I felt great that I could work and help the elders. I woke up every morning feeling energize. It was like a passion to work here. It felt like it was my purpose to be there working and volunteering at the same time for the elders.

But as time went on I had to cover the HR perspective and than the Finance as well as the many grievances that the Health Care Assistant were facing. The very first day, we had an informal meeting with the whole Health Care Assistant. Top it of I was responsible for the implementation of the IT but not given the full work as the job needed a good hands on personal instead we had the GM wanting to have it on paper.

In the process MOH found that there were some discrepancies in the GST and in their reimbursement. So I had to look into that matter apart from doing the HR policy and the problems with the Health Care Assistant who were complaining that they have never got an increment and they were not happy with the GM.

In this process, the GM and the Executive Director, wanted to tender for the MOH, patient care. But in actual case we (as in me and the GM) found that it was not a good thing to get the tender. This is because we were primarily having lower fees compared to other care facilities.

To tender it would further dilute our revenue. Therefore, I thought it would not be feasible. I thought the GM have advised her on it but he did not. Top it off, she wanted, to expand the number of bed. I found that the ROI would break even only after five years and it would not be a good investment. She than wanted to start a day care center but I told her it was not feasible as our revenue and the people we have were not qualified for starting one.


Having said that, the GM was afraid of the ED and did not explain it to her. The process of the tender was not my responsibility as well as I was doing not only the Operation but the HR and the Finance as well.

For this matter and others the ED wanted me to be sacked. But the GM did not want me to go. I decided that it would not be a good idea to stick around as the ED becoming more and more unprofessional in not wanting to proceed to my project for upgrading the facilities.

These issues and that of the tender had an effect on the ED and she did not like me. But I told the directors the fact. In the end I resign and was jobless. I therefore when on to do freelance work for a couple of SMEs including gaining a company for a contract on a Turkish project. I also help in another project of writing HR courses.


AS time went by working freelance, my mom’s health was deteriorating. She got sick often and had to be in hospitalize. At one point, she became bed ridden and I had to look after her and her needs. It was a hard time but it was my mom. My love for her was like a fire of my passion that cannot be extinguished in the rain.

In June 2018, my mother pass away. As she was passing away in her death bed I sang to her. It was a most saddest day of my life and and was depressed and started smoking. It was traumatic and I did not know what to do. In any case, as I did my security course and succeeded in getting a Security License. If it was called success after graduating with a BSc.

In any case the WSH, MSF and e2i people told me that since my age is old no one would employ me and therefore better to be a security. I was working one day and suddenly my right leg could not move. So I called my supervisor to ask him him if I could go to the Emergency. He told me I could not and I would need to finish my work time.

Therefore I waited till work time was over took a cab and headed to A&E. The doctor came to examine me and told me that if I had come 24 hours later he would have to amputate the right leg but since I came now it can be saved but I might have to lose some of my toes.


I just said to do what is best and I was in the operation theatre. It was long process and I woke up the next day. I found my leg was there and my toes but I did not know where I was.So I called my aunt.There were some Indian family visiting visiting a patient and I asked them to talk to my aunt since my Tamil was incredibly good. They were kind enough to explain to me that I was in NUH.


A day later a girlfriend and my best friend’s wife came on to visit me. I saw the leg was in a bandage and was bleeding. They told us it was an open wound. Two day later, the doctors came in to take a look at the open wound the blood was just spilling out all over and when I saw it I faint. I was out for a day and woke up to find a machine with two tube in the leg.


There was some pain but was bearable. After a week the doctor and professor was discussing if they should stitch the open would. It all boiled down to how I was to be stitched. The doctors want it to be done in the ward but the professor insisted the I should be be given anesthetic and have the stitches done as it was a large wound. I


After that I was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital.In St Luke’s Hospital I was doing rehab and became stronger. The MSW personal help me to overcome my depression It was a hard time but everything came into place. With GOD’s help and his people.

I realized that I would not have been able to overcome many things and issues with GOD. After 5 month in ST Luke’s Hospital I was discharge and sent to a shelter.

I was sent to a shelter because my mom rental flat’s lease had expired and HDB took it back and told me I cannot live there. Therefore, I had to apply for another flat. The MSW personal help me in finding a mate to apply for the HDB flat and it was approved.

I spoke to my brothers and we decided that I better get a BTO flat. So I will be applying for one in February 2019,



All my troubles seem to be solved WITH THE HELP FROM GOD. I had lots of help from the people of St Lukes and its MSW. She was a great Counsellor and we became good friends. I could walk and I thought I have walked through the storm with the help from GOD and move forward. I prayed for my friends and St Luke’s people and for my loving mom. I loved her so much.



At the shelter, the very next day on the eve of Christmas I fell down and hurt my operated leg. My knee was busted and my feet was not able to move. And so I was admitted in the hospital again.


Presently, I am sitting near my bed typing this story and doing my rehab to get back in shape and to be able to walk again. Just had the doctor telling that my nerves may be affected and need to do a test before I get transferred to a Community Hospital.

I am hoping with GODs help, I could defy AGEISM and RACISM to get a job that suits my skills rather than to do security work. I hope and pray to get a better well paid job. The mind is positive. I believe that GOD will give me that opportunity and hold a door open.





My advice to the you people, study hard, have your passion in other things as well. Try to balance them and do well in both your passion and your studies.It would be well if you can align your passion in learning. It would help you in the long run. In Singapore it does not help if you are a late starter.

What you got to do is to keep on learning. Graduate as a diploma and go on to do your degree. While you doing your degree get you LinkedIn and professional FaceBook in a website of yourself. NETWORK.

NETWORKING and enlarging your circle of friends is important to get you a good if not great career. Most importantly START EAR:LY IN LIFE. If you do not do that by that time you reach your goals at forty (40) you would be too old. So START EARLY.

Having said all that, dont forget to worship GOD as you go on and grow up

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